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A country retreat in a mystical landscape overlooking the sea,
a place to relax and absorb the ancient essence of Sicily.

Across the country roads, surrounded by spectacular carob and olive trees, you will reach the Lanzagallo refuge, a farmhouse made of stone, a "masseria", which stands proudly on a ridge with a magnificent view onto the sea and the southern tip of Sicily.


It’s an enclave of peace and rural simplicity with a contemporary and surprising design where the scents and colours of the Mediterranean blend. It's the perfect place to find yourself, your roots, your home.

A living dream.


A few kilometres away from Rifugio Lanzagallo, you will explore the wonderful UNESCO World Heritage cities of Modica, Ispica, Noto, Scicli and Ibla, and you will discover that this authentic corner of Sicily is home to priceless treasures of art and beauty.


Do you know what our life is? Yours and mine?

A dream made in Sicily. Maybe we're still there and we're dreaming.

(Leonardo Sciascia)

In Brussels I had a dream.
"Which?" he asked me.
"Living in Sicily" I replied.
"Let's go!"
Thus began our great adventure in Lanzagallo


The Rifugio Lanzagallo consists of two rural buildings.

The "Stallone", once used as a shelter for animals, is nowadays a home whose beautiful arches and evocative space have been preserved by contemporary architecture.


In the second building, where once upon a time cheese was produced and ricotta smoked, you will find three large rooms across two levels accessible independently of one another.


The home and the rooms respond to different needs of experiential tourism, to different facets of the same philosophy: the luxury of nature.


Contemporary hospitality, individual relaxation and wellbeing.


Rifugio Lanzagallo is a garden of wonders for travellers in search of past times, sense of time, contemplation of nature, dreams, tastes, listening and desire.

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