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"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair."

(Kahil Gibran)

"Lanza Gallo"


As in a small village with its town hall, its square, its small houses, its views and corners,  and like a lake overlooking the sea, its swimming pool. 

Daniela and Istvan are dedicated  to the little care of the traveler. The day begins with a king's breakfast, based on regional fruits, with still warm cottage cheese flavored with the farm  orange peel, with the  bread made with ancient wheat flour, Cannoli filled with sweet ricotta, lo  yogurt  with the pistachio cream and the well-reduced coffee!  


The farm is located in the center of a region exceptionally rich in Baroque landscapes and cities.

Each morning, Istvan describes one of the many cities to visit and the way to get there. Just ten minutes away is Ispica, a beautiful town. Walking at the foot of the church square you can go down the small street, and on the right you can eat the best  pasta of the world.  


But Ispica is only there as an introduction, because other amazing cities  surprise and delight. Modica, Ragusa Ibla,  Scicli, Noto, four cities built on sunken rocks in the center of narrow valleys, sheltered from the sun that burns in summer.

Architectural wonders. Small sloping streets. Stairs to build up the leg muscles. Artisans who sell their jewelry or local chocolate. A profusion of churches and cathedrals that you no longer know which ones to visit. Then Syracuse, the mythical one  with its port and its yachts, its labyrinth of white alleys, its balconies where linen flutters, its bars and restaurants.  


A few minutes from Lanzagallo, Pozzallo, the simple city where it is beautiful to walk to the sea just before going to eat the best octopus in the area.  


But the show and the real discovery are even closer: they are in the immense garden of Daniela and Istvan.

Flowers, cacti, medicinal herbs of all kinds, marjoram, catmint, wild mint. At the end of the day, Signor Vicari's cows pass by and spy on the guests. But here's the surprise visit,  the little dogs  by Madame Vicari. It's the neighbor that makes us  visit!  


Lanzagallo is also the sharing of laughter, good wine and the experiences of the day. Why Daniela and Istvan  they offer even more than that  hospitality , even more than breakfast, their humanity.

Dedicated by our kind guest from May 2019 - Alain De Halleux


"Every blade of grass seems to contain a library dedicated to wonder, silence and goodness."

(Fabrizio Caramagna)

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